Hey everyone!! I said I would be posting something... | Maybe one day I'll be famous...

Maybe one day I'll be famous...

Hey there! You have reached the art blog of Shana Huseman! Follow me on my adventure of surviving art college, trying to figure out how to make websites and layouts and all of that jazz, and hopefully making it in the real world as an Illustrator! I hope you enjoy your stay. COMMISSIONS OPEN

Hey everyone!! I said I would be posting something about my threadless design, and here it is!!

It would be very much appreciated if you could take your time to rate my image a 5!

As most of you know, i’ve been having a lot of issues with trying to save up my money for this upcoming school year, even with two jobs I’m hardly making anything…But if I win this contest I will win $2000, which would really really help me out a whole lot! Especially since I’m also trying to put some money aside for my apartment after I graduate!

So please click this link and vote my image a 5! <3


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